Trae Tha Truth: Banned, Oct 2009
The Kracker Nuttz: Fired, April 21, 2010
GT Mayne: Suspended, 2010
Michael 5000 Watts: Shortened, 2010
Brandi Garcia: Fired, June 15, 2010
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Longtime KBXX 97.9 Personalities the Kracker Nuttz Fired

Posted by cantbanthetruth On 4/22/2010 02:57:00 AM

Looks like the KBXX 97.9 vs Trae just got real serious. The Kracker Nuttz, who served KBXX 97.9 for over 12 years, were fired for playing Chamillionaire's remix of "Won't Let You Down" which had a verse by Trae.

To the person who wanted to hear Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Wu, Jay Electronica, Gnarls Barkley, Blackalicious, Talib, J.Cole, Wale, Kid Cudi, Jay Z, Guru, etc... If we weren’t on the air playing YOUR favorite songs, then who else would do it!??? NO ONE!!!

So we did... and because of our loyalty to you (and especially GOOD music), we put our neck on the line not worrying bout the consequences that may come. That’s who we were! F’THAT! That’s who we are!!! We were those DJ’s on the Box that didn’t care if we got in trouble or not… the last of a dying breed in this industry of robots, and we enjoyed every minute of it!!!

The Kracker Nuttz lost their jobs because they played a song that had 1 verse from an artist that was banned by the station. Houston lost the only source for real hip-hop on the radio.

About The Kracker Nuttz:
Formed in 1999, the Kracker Nutz' DJ Klean Cutt, DJ Baby Jae, and DJ Ron E.G. served Houston's KBXX 97.9 for over 10 years.

The Kracker Nuttz can be reached on Facebook, Twitter, and their official website.


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