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Boycott the Box! And Other Town Hall Meeting Notes

Posted by cantbanthetruth On 6/04/2010 02:32:00 AM

Deric Muhammed, K-Rino, and over 200 people sporting "I'm on Traes side" shirts showed up at last nights "Can't Ban The Truth" town hall meeting to support Trae's movement.

Trae himself finally got to explain himself, to the community, his side of the story. He reiterated his sentiment that this battle is bigger than just getting his music played on 97.9 The Box. He is wanting to make sure that this doesn't happen to other artists to come up after him.

After last nights town hall meeting, Trae Tha Truth's supporters are calling for a week long boycott of 97.9 The Box.

The ban will start this Sunday, June 6 at midnight and last for a whole week.

While I can appreciate the tenacity of the fans, I would think that a week long boycott will not be enough. Radio stations don't make money from listeners, especially not a week's worth of listeners. Honestly, I would think that a Trae supporter would boycott 97.9 until everything was resolved, and not just for a week.

The truth is that the station's sponsors will have to boycott 97.9 before anyone starts paying attention. A large sponsor will have to come out and say "We are no longer doing business with this station as long as they are censoring and blocking Trae's music and business dealings."

Until then, I don't expect to see anything happen.


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