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Brandi Garcia Talks about Future/ Firing on

Posted by cantbanthetruth On 7/08/2010 10:59:00 AM

Rolando Rodriguez at had a chance to sit down with Houston's darling DJ Brandi Garcia and talk about her future plans and how she feels about The Box.

"People are like, 'You should be mad,'" she says. "You can't look at things like that. Everything happens for a reason. I was with them for a reason. It was a blessing that offered me lots of opportunities. I don't have any ill-will towards them."

Usually, people say stuff like that only because it's the "right thing" to say, but with Brandi I feel like she is genuine about this sentiment. She has shown nothing but class and grace in regards to the matter. Everyone take note, this is how grown people handle things.

I'm sure when Brandi Garcia is known for things bigger than just being on 97.9, they will start claiming her again. Isn't that their style?

We wish her nothing but great happiness and success in everything she does. We will be watching!

You can catch the rest of Rolando Rodriguez's interview with Brandi here: Ex-DJ Brandi Garcia Happy To Move On Beyond The Box

About Brandi Garcia:
Brandi Garcia had been a very popular midday DJ for KBXX 97.9 for the last 5 years.

Brandi Garcia can be reached on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace.


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